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Next generation adaptive streaming for live & on-demand video. Powered by Akamai.

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variable bitrate streaming
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Akamai HTTP Streaming for iPhone
Next generation native streaming to the Apple iPhone

The opportunity for mobile digital media and applications is growing as manufacturers add WiFi functionality to cutting edge smartphones and mobile devices, and content owners explore direct-to-consumer channels for their content. With the Apple iPhone leading the charge, now is the time for you to explore and plan a mobile content strategy for the iPhone.
Deliver a High Fidelity Consumer Experience
Adaptive streaming enables a high quality video experience at any bit rate resulting in less buffering and faster start up times

Massively Scalable On-Demand Architecture
  • Worlds largest capacity media delivery network
  • Closer to the consumer for better quality streams
  • Addresses both WiFi and Mobile 3G based access to content on the iPhone
Highly Available & Fault Tolerant
Always-on consumer access to content
Increased mobile usage

Standards Based Way To Delivery Video To The iPhone
Simulcast of live sports, news and events to mobile handsets requires special considerations around scalability and performance of the delivery mechanism. Prior to the release of the iPhone 3.0 OS, live streaming required a custom proprietary solution. iPhone 3.0 OS now has built in support for adaptive bitrate streaming for live video, optimized full screen video playback, and increased battery life. Adaptive bitrate streaming benefits the consumer by enabling a high fidelity viewing experience at any bitrate, delivering faster video start up times and reducing video buffering.

Using the Akamai Media Delivery solution to enable variable bitrate streaming of live and on-demand content the iPhone 3.0 gives content owners access to a standards based way to stream to the iPhone and take advantage of a growing consumer market of over 40 million devices, while leveraging the highly-available and fault tolerant delivery infrastructure of the largest HTTP delivery network in the world.

HTTP Streaming for the iPhone: How it works
How it works
Download our free whitepaper
To get started download our free whitepaper on "Developing and Optimizing Content and Applications for the iPhone 3.0".

Starting with iPhone OS version 3.0 and QuickTime X, you can send streaming audio and video over HTTP from an ordinary web server for playback on iPhone, iPod touch, or other devices, such as desktop computers, without the limitations of Progressive Downloads.

The new streaming protocol supports Multiple Bitrates and automatically switches to the optimal bit-rate based on network conditions for a smooth quality playback experience. This implementation also provides for media encryption and user authentication over HTTPS, allowing publishers to protect their work. Both Live and On demand content can be delivered using the 3.0 specification.

HTTP Streaming to the iPhone consists of three parts: the server component, the Akamai network, and the client software.

In a typical configuration, a hardware encoder takes audio-video input and turns it into an MPEG-2 transport stream containing H.264 video and AAC or HE-AAC audio. The encoded stream is then split into a series of short media files by a stream segmenter. The segmenter also creates and maintains an index file containing the list of short media files that were created. These files are placed on a web server.

A media player built into the iPhone OS is provided a link to the index file, it then requests the media files in order and plays them without any pauses or gaps between segments